Photo by the author

Photo taken by the author on October 23, 2020, while wondering why he ever moved to Minnesota.

Original photo courtesy Kate Hliznitsova at Unsplash.

Photo courtesy Ankush Minda on Unsplash

Photo courtesy Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Gabibb2 on Wikimedia Commons.

Photo of torched convenience store courtesy of Jay Benanav, St. Paul, Minn.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo of woman’s face “secret superhero powers” by Robert Couse-Baker is licensed under CC BY 2. Photo of spaghetti-stained T-shirt courtesy of the author.

Jeff Zuckerman

Jeff Zuckerman leads a NAMI-MN support group for spouses of those with a mental illness. His memoir, “Unglued: A Bipolar Love Story,” was published this summer.

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